Dragon II - Virtual Analogue Synthesizer


  • 3 Dual oscillators with detune
  • 4 Waveshapes (sine,saw,triangle and square)
  • Octave, semitone and cent pitch control
  • Pulse width
  • Sync
  • FM
  • Sub-oscillator (saw/square) with octave pitch control (-1/-2)
  • Noise generator (white/pink)


  • 3 LFOs with attack, 5 waveshapes (sine,square,saw,ramp and random sample and hold), pulse width, the option to sync to the host tempo (1/16 to 16 bars) and restart
  • 3 Envelopes (attack,delay,sustain and release) with invert
  • Each LFO and envelope can modulate 24 parameters simultaneously
  • Modulation wheel and velocity control which can both modulate 33 parameters simultaneously


  • 2 Multimode filters with 5 filter types (band reject,high pass 12dB, band pass 12 dB,low pass 12dB and moog-style 24dB ladder), cut-off, resonance and keyboard tracking
  • Pre-filter overdive for each filter with shape and amount control
  • Link option for the cut-off and resonance controls
  • Mix options include just filter one, series or parallel
  • Parallel mix control
  • Dedicate envelope with invert
  • Option to route either or both filters to the envelope

Amp Envelope

  • Option to modulate the amp at audio frequency with the output from one of the oscillators


  • Polyphonic (6-note), monophonic retrigger and monophonic legato modes
  • Portamento time control
  • Pitch bend (0 to 12 semitones)
  • Pan

MIDI Learn

  • Available for all knobs except the LFO/Env and mod wheel/velocity destination amounts
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